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MD-332 Command

Commander: Major Steve Weinhold

Aerospace Educationcation: Maj. James Novitski

 Public Affairs Officer Capt. Sherrie Weinhold

Finance Officer: 2d Lt Sherry Moitoza

Deputy Commander of Cadets 1st Lt Joshua Klosterman

Cadet Commander: C/CaptLt Katherine Weinhold

Maryland CAP
CAP National HQ

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CAP Senior Members are adult members that support a variety of CAP missions - we come from all walks of life. 


Here at the Upper Montgomery Composite Squadron, MD-332, Seniors generally support our cadet program - they are the mentors willing to help guide and support the Youth.  In today’s world we need good people who are willing to step up and help provide a healthy, drug-free environment to develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Why do former cadets excel in their chosen career, whether it be military, government jobs, or private sector employment?  Why do the military general officers, Senators, Congressmen, CEOs  that were once CAP cadets credit their success to CAP?  Because they had adult Senior members who mentored them and worked hard to make their CAP squadron a success


Our seniors also provide the cadets their aerospace education program.  Aviation and aerospace impacts the lives of Americans every day, and CAP works to ensure that citizens know how valuable aviation and aerospace is in our world.