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MD-332 Command

Commander: Major Steve Weinhold

Aerospace Educationcation: Maj. James Novitski

 Public Affairs Officer Capt. Sherrie Weinhold

Finance Officer: 2d Lt Sherry Moitoza

Deputy Commander of Cadets 1st Lt Joshua Klosterman

Cadet Commander: C/CaptLt Katherine Weinhold

Maryland CAP
CAP National HQ

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MD-332 News and Notes

Captain Sherrie Weinhold, CAP

Public Affairs Officer

Upper Montgomery Composite Squadron

Upper Montgomery Composite Squadron, Maryland Wing, Civil Air Patrol was honored to lead Montgomery Villages Independence Day Parade.

After the parade the squadron supported the event by helping with the day’s activities including games, rides, and clean up.

“It’s great to have the Civil Air Patrol participate in the parade every year and then to put in the time volunteering during the main event. It is because of groups such as yours that MVF can continue to offer community... wide events,” said Jana Serlo, Program Manager / Montgomery Village Foundation.


L to R
C/CMsgt Matthew Chua, C/1stLt Katherine Weinhold, C/SMSgt Joseph Ripple,and C/A1C Moitoza

Cadet 2nd Lt Shields Earns Mitchell Award

26 October 2017

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cadet Second Lieutenant Alaina Shields, 15, was awarded the distinguished General Billy Mitchell Award on October 26, 2017. Cadet 2nd Lt Shields has been active member of the Upper Montgomery Composite Squadron in Germantown for 3 years and is a student at Poolesville High School.  CAP Maryland Wing Group 1 Deputy Commander, Major Stephen Weinhold, presented C/2nd Lt Shields with the Award.

The General Mitchell Award is one of CAP’s most prestigious cadet honors. The award is earned after completing the first eight achievements of CAP’s cadet program progressing through increasingly rigorous

lessons on leadership, aerospace, and physical fitness, as well as character development training.  C/2nd Lt Shields had to pass a comprehensive examination testing leadership theory and aerospace topics, and a rigorous physical fitness test. Additionally, she wrote an original essay and gave a speech on topics on leadership, and passed a promotion review by the squadron’s commanders. Before achieving this award, C/2nd Lt Shields also attended military-style Encampments, at which she was recognized as “Honor Cadet” the summer of 2016, and “Honor Line Non-Commissioned Officer” the summer of 2017.


Since its inception in 1964, only about 68,000 cadets have been awarded this honor – this is only about 15% of CAP cadets. This award is in honor of Major General William “Billy” Mitchell, former Deputy Chief of the Army Air Service and military aviation visionary, having advocated for an independent Air Force. Gen Mitchell realized that the general public must understand why aviation is important to America and he demonstrated that aircraft could be a significant factor during war fighting by sinking several captured and overage battleships from the air between 1921 and 1923.


CAP is the civilian volunteer auxiliary of the United States Air Force, with an active adult and cadet membership of almost 60,000 worldwide. CAP, in its Total Force role, operates a fleet of 550 aircrafts and performs about 90 % of continental U.S. inland search and rescue missions as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and is credited with saving an average of 78 lives annually. It was founded December 1, 1941by aviation enthusiasts and private pilots, who donated their time and aircraft to protect the coastline during World War II, and other civil defense missions. The volunteers also take a leading role in aerospace education, serving as mentors to youth through CAP Cadet Programs. 

Cadets Earn Promotions and Awards

26 October 2017

Cadets earned promotions and recognition of their first "orientation flight"

Cadets Take Powered and Glider Orientation Flights

Summer 2017

Soaring through the air is many a young person’s dream and through the Cadet Orientation Flight (O-Flight) program of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) many of Upper Montgomery’s cadets have taken to the air. 

The CAP O-Flight program gives cadets an introduction to the exciting world of aviation through hands-on flying experiences in single engine air craft and gliders. Cadets are entitled to 5 powered and 5 glider flights to see if aviation is an avenue they wish to pursue in their future.  With a few exceptions, the powered flights are taken in a CAP-owned single engine Cessna aircraft. The CAP pilots are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration and must meet additional requirements set by CAP.

The Robert Ayers Solo Flight School, another aviation program through CAP, was established to reward dedicated CAP Cadets with the necessary tools to get

started towards their aviation education. This "Solo School" gives CAP cadets the opportunity to advance their O-Flight experience to the next level, by learning the skills required to take their first solo flight.  

I always knew I wanted to fly - as a cadet I had the chance to see if it was a dream or if it was to be my future.” Melissa Weinhold, Cadet 1st Lt. CAP graduate and recipient of the Robert Ayers Scholarship from the Solo School program.

One of the main reasons my boys joined CAP was because they wanted the opportunity to learn to fly an airplane, and they were not disappointed after their first O-Flight. The instructor was awesome and knowledgeable. He made them feel at ease. They had great fun controlling the aircraft and couldn't stop talking about the incredible views from above.  It was a great learning experience!”  Kalle Diarra  mother of two Civil Air Patrol cadets.

Starting from the flight experiences gained through the CAP aviation programs, many cadets have advanced to become America’s aviation leaders. Join us on the adventure - come visit us